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Gender therapy onliine
Gender Therapy Online


Online therapy addresses Transgender-related issues using written language (chat), to bring about a transition and a clear understanding of what an individual has experienced from their early years onward and the direction they would like to take after gaining further understanding and knowledge of their gender related and difference.

Online gender counselling, whether written or spoken is a core component of communication. Whilst some may believe that communication is best achieved through close face to face interaction and verbal exchanges, there is in fact little evidence, if any, to back this; In fact, the anonymity, and lack of inbred subjectivity that is identifiably apparent through online therapy, assists the individual to open up more easily and feel more free to express themselves. Much more than they may normally do so in a conventional face to face situation.

Therefore, gender therapy and assessment, has had positive results in enabling the client to let go of that long felt ‘secret’ by embracing, and then coming to terms, with what lies within. which has been held back and repressed over the years.

Online gender therapy is in many ways more secure, confidential, and private than traditional face-to-face therapy/counselling. This is due to its unique qualities, the counselling takes place in an anonymous or pseudonymous context. This provides a level of security and confidentiality that cannot be matched in the real world of the office. It also removes the threat of the subjective; thought of some therapists, due to the early and appearance and presentation of the individual which may stand in the way of objectivity

Therefore, online therapy offers a valuable and new model that reaches a larger and isolated group of people concerned over their gender feelings, plus issues of confidentiality, acceptance, and privacy. It also reaches those living in isolated areas, places where there are no available gender services. Also individuals, who are housebound, disabled or live in isolated areas, and those who prefer not to use the Gender Clinics, with long waiting lists and many hoops to jump through.

On contact I offer a short initial discussion, this can be used to ask questions and gain information about the service I offer. Schedule appointments and discuss the professional service fee. If you feel that you could benefit from this service, simply follow the instructions below to commence your online relationship To contact me directly – please use one of the ‘Chat boxes, leave a message or simply e-mail me at