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Gender Reassignment Surgery

First the ureter is catheterised

Then the skin of the penis and scrotum
is cut and removed

and the testicles are removed
leaving some of the skin of the scrotum

The urethra is shortened

and the erectile tissues removed

Now comes a most critical incision:
as the penile nerves are separated

These nerves must be preserved intact
to enable orgasm

The separation is now complete

The vaginal cavity is formed

Rather shallower than in genetic females,
about 12 cm; the remains of the penis

are cut off

and the scrotal skin tissue is inverted

This forms the vaginal lining

A stent is inserted to prevent the vaginal canal
from closing over

A special adhesive is injected

To bond the inverted scrotal tissue
to the abdominal flesh

finally the labia minora and majora are formed,
and also the clitoris from the sensate glans.