Gender Therapist

This online therapy service is ideal for those living in an isolated area, are fearful of face to face therapy, and facing long waiting lists. Also, the housebound, disabled or, others without access to a local affordable Gender Dysphoria friendly service.

Transitioning is so much more than simply taking hormones and undergoing appropriate surgery, it is a process which for many can often leave the person feeling alone, isolated and conflicted. All of which is linked to the realisation, acceptance recognition of their ‘true self’.

This online form of gender therapy, for all can be an integral part of a long-awaited, unavoidable, and complex journey. One that eventually enables those living with Gender Dysphoria to create a positive, content, happy, and non-dysphoric life.

Gender Therapy Online is a series of interactive sessions between the Gender Therapist and the client who is experiencing Gender Dysphoria, with its associated, distress, concern or simply seeking clarification of their gender issues. Online gender Therapy/Counselling consists of 6/8 weekly one hour sessions. These sessions initiate a developmental process that enables history to be gathered and, dilemmas to be understood. Any unrealistic ideas, expectations and maladaptive behaviour are also identified and discussed. The therapy is not intended to cure your ‘Gender identity Disorder’, its overall purpose and the ultimate goal is enablement, to transition with long term stability and success in your everyday life and relationships.

According to Nils-Günter Schultze, there are a number of benefits to online therapy in which the client is not face-to-face with the  therapist. 
The following lists of psychological processes are seen to be common during online sessions, and serve as factors that enable online therapy to be highly successful. 

Psychological anonymity – Real anonymity is difficult to achieve nowadays, yet online clients are afforded this benefit, having the ability to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes. Many choose e-therapy for this very reason. The anonymity that e-therapy affords enables clients to talk about their most intimate personal concerns with a total stranger, which is much easier than if they had to do so in a traditional manner.  This anonymity also allows clients to decide when they would like to finalize sessions, a benefit not found in traditional therapy. 

Protection of self assurance – Since most online sessions do not involve seeing the other person, clients do not have to experience a common humiliation that accompanies  discussion regarding sensitive topics. This further empowers the cleint to speak freely.  Also the  level of anonymity minimizes the patient’s helplessness during the process.

Projection – Online counselling lacks the formality and objectively often experienced and insecurities triggered all too often during the first few sessions in traditional face-to-face therapy. Where the patient’s image of the therapist takes on traits of ‘projection’ where their inner image of the counsellor is most likely to match some imagined character of an ideal counsellor. 

Willingness to change – The unique setting of online therapy encourages clients to feeland  increase  in confidence and openness. These feelings of empowerment facilitate greater acceptance of the counselor’s intervention and makes the sessiont even more effective. Over time, and in  context of one-time counseling,  it means that counselors have the opportunity to make more of an impact. 

Accessibility – Due to the fact that all treatment materials are permanently documented, patients and counselors both have the ability to re-read session transcripts. This kind of access is highly beneficial and not found in traditional therapy, as it permits clients the ability to literally track progress, over time.Based on: Schultze, N.G. (2006). Success Factors in Internet-Based Psychological Counseling.
As U.K .registered and fully qualified Gender Specialist. I can assist with many of the associated difficulties encountered when trying to reach your ultimate goal of transitioning throgh the  ‘real life experience’ and altinately ‘self-identify’ as your chosen gender. 

Online therapy offers a thorough assessment of your readiness for SRS all within a time-limited framework.  At the end of the assessment period, if mutually agreed that you are a suitable candidate for both f to m and m to f hormones and surgery, you will receive the appropriate letters of recommendation plus, any other relevant supporting documents.  Which can then be presented to your endocrinologist or SRS provider. The assessments adhere as closely as possible to the standards and guidelines as laid down by the 1998 Harry Benjamin Standards of Care criteria but are flexible to individual needs. 

Apart from carrying out SRS assessments I also have experience of a wide range of personal and psychological issues which encompass all gender variant behaviour – ranging from the cross dresser to transsexual and gender related issues. 

I carry out an initial discussion which can be used to gain information about the gender  service offered and to discuss therapy direction, fees and schedule appointments.

Following our initial online session, or on receiving information received in my e-mail reply, if you feel that you could benefit from the assistance that I offer,  Kindly follow the instructions to commence your online relationship. 
In the mean time, if you would like to contact me directly.  Kindly  use ‘Live Messenger’ simply leave an online message or send an e-mail to (FEES click here or the ‘PRODUCTS’ link). I hope to hear from you soon.