This online therapy service is ideal for those living in Gender isolated areas, are fearful of face to face therapy, and facing long waiting lists. Also, the housebound, disabled or, others without access to a local affordable Gender Dysphoria friendly service.

Transitioning is so much more than simply taking hormones and undergoing appropriate surgery, it is a process which for many can often leave the person feeling alone, isolated and conflicted. All of which is linked to the realisation, acceptance recognition of their ‘true self’.
This online form of gender therapy, for all can be an integral part of a long-awaited, unavoidable, and complex journey. One that eventually enables those living with Gender Dysphoria to create a positive, content, happy, and non-dysphoric life.
Gender Therapy Online is a series of interactive sessions between the Gender Therapist and the client who is experiencing Gender Dysphoria, with its associated, distress, concern or simply seeking clarification of their gender issues. Online gender Therapy/Counselling consists of 6/8 weekly one hour sessions. These sessions initiate a developmental process that enables history to be gathered and, dilemmas to be understood. Any unrealistic ideas, expectations and maladaptive behaviour are also identified and discussed. The therapy is not intended to cure your ‘Gender identity Disorder’, its overall purpose and the ultimate goal is enablement, to transition with long term stability and success in your everyday life and relationships.
According to Nils-Günter Schultze, there are a number of benefits to online therapy in which the client is not face-to-face with the  therapist. 
The following lists of psychological processes are seen to be common during online sessions, and serve as factors that enable online therapy to be highly successful. 
Psychological anonymity – Real anonymity is difficult to achieve nowadays, yet online clients are afforded this benefit, having the ability to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes. Many choose e-therapy for this very reason. The anonymity that e-therapy affords enables clients to talk about their most intimate personal concerns with a total stranger, which is much easier than if they had to do so in a traditional manner.  This anonymity also allows clients to decide when they would like to finalize sessions, a benefit not found in traditional therapy. 


Online counseling for gender related issues uses written language (chat) as a vehicle of bringing about not only change but an understanding of what an individual is experiencing and feels from their early years onward and the direction they would like to take after gaining knowledge of their gender difference. With online counseling, whether written or spoken it is the core component of communication. Whilst some may believe that communication is best achieved through face to face interaction and verbal exchanges, there is in fact little evidence, if any, to back this; In fact, the anonymity, and lack of inbred subjectivity that is identifiably apparent through online therapy, at most times, assists the individual to open up more easily and feel more free to express themselves. More than they may normally do so in a conventional face to face situation. Therefore, in respect of gender counseling and assessment this has had positive results in enabling the client of letting go that ‘secret’ and embracing, coming to terms, with what lies within. A major part of there self which has been held back and suppressed over many years

Online gender counseling is in many aspects more secure, confidential, and private than traditional face-to-face therapy/counseling. Mainly due to its unique qualities, the counseling takes place in an anonymous or pseudonym context. This provides a level of security and confidentiality that cannot be matched in the real world of the office. It also removes the threat of the over subjective; thought of some counselors, due to the early and appearance and presentation of the individual which may stand in the way of objectivity.

Online therapy therefore offers a valuable and new model which reaches the larger and isolated group of people concerned over their gender related feelings, plus issues of confidentiality, acceptance and privacy. It also reaches those living in isolated areas, places where there are no available counselors in the locality and individuals who are house bound disabled plus those who may not normally seek a professional gender health service.

On contact I offer a short initial discussion, this can be used to ask questions and gain information about my service. Schedule appointments and discuss the professional service fee. If you feel that you could benefit from the service I have to offer, simply follow the instruction to commence your online relationship If you would like to contact me directly – please use one of the ‘Chat boxes above, leave a message or simply r e-mail me at