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Genital Nullification or Eunuch procedures involve the removal of testes or all external genitalia to create a smooth transition from the abdomen to the groin.


The removal of the penis is desired by some males. Occasionally ‘ Eunuchs’ desire penis removal later, after having been so for several years. The removal of the penis involves and requires significantly greater skill than the removal of the testes.

Advanced techniques of nullification include severing the ‘suspensory ligaments’ to drop the penis before amputating it, to produce a urinary outlet lower down for convenience. A new urinary opening may be made between the root of the penis and the anus, but this involves advanced incision and suturing skills.

Such an opening reduces the need to remove more of the penis itself to lower the urinary opening for convenience. Where do you pee from? During the surgery, a catheter is placed in the urethra, where it remains during post-op and healing for about five days. A tiny (or large, depending on the exact style of the operation) pee hole remains.


Genital surgical procedures for Trans women undergoing sex reassignment surgery do not usually involve the complete removal of the penis. Instead, part or all of the glans is usually kept and reshaped as a clitoris, while the skin of the penile shaft may also be inverted to form the vagina (some more recently developed procedures, such as that used through Dr Suporn Cinic who use the scrotum to form the vaginal walls, and the skin of the penile shaft to form the labia majora). When procedures such as this are not possible, other procedures such as colovagnoplasty are used which may involve the removal of the penis. Some trans women have undergone penectomies, however, this is much rarer.

Issues related to the removal of the penis appear in psychology, for example in the condition known as castration anxiety, which happens as a result of a man having anxiety as to whether he may at some point become castrated.

Some men have undergone penectomies as a voluntary body modification, but professional opinion is divided as to whether or not the desire for penile amputation is a pathology, thus including it as part of a ‘body dysmorphic disorder. Usually fantasy, as in castration, but at other times gender confusion or hatred, or even psychosis can result in penectomy.

Males who consider themselves third sex will sometimes want an emasculation, i.e., they opt to have their penis and/or testicles removed.

Male members in the sect of Skoptsy (Russian: скопцы, “castrated”) were required to become castrated, either only the testicles (“lesser seal”) or also the penis (“greater seal”).

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