As a Gender Therapist, Dr Graham assists transgender individuals  achieve their ‘true selves’.  This has over the past 18 years been achieved, through  online chat counseling sessions,  Based in the UK –  His  practice is exclusively online with Transgender individuals – Worldwide.

Dr. Graham L Peveller Ph.D.

from the comfort of ones own home

An Online Gender therapist with 18 years experience providing therapy through a secure, safe, non-judgmental, and confidential, environment. All to enable and discuss gender complexities and related issues. Also to provide a further insight into Gender Dysphoria, for an all too often isolated community. Above all to transition as smoothly as possible.

Those who hold concerns about their birth condition, and the issues that accompany it. Such as therapy, especially, in terms of confidentiality, linked with a non-judgement approach, acceptance, and privacy. This online therapy service is ideal for those living in an isolated area, are fearful of face to face therapy, and those facing long waiting lists. Also, the housebound, disabled or, others without access to a local affordable Gender Dysphoria friendly service.

Transitioning is so much more than simply taking hormones and surgery, it is a process which for many can often leave the person feeling alone, isolated and challenged, all of which is linked to the development, and full recognition of their ‘true self’ and acceptance.

This online form of gender therapy, for all can be an integral part of a long-awaited, unavoidable, and complex journey. One that eventually enables those living with Gender Dysphoria to create a positive, content, happy, and non-dysphoric life.


Over the past 18  years, Dr Graham has provided Gender Therapy Online and assisted in excess of 500 transgender individuals, worldwide, to achieve the goal of transitioning to their real ‘true selves’.  An experience that should be liberating and empowering. Not as difficult, stigmatised, misunderstood, marginalised, judgmental or isolating as it can be for too many. With support and guidance, I am here and am always pleased to help clients transition smoothly, with support every step of the way.


Following referral, I am available and can offer an appointment within the first few days of contact. The gender sessions are followed by letters of recommendation. For Hormones, SRS, Top Surgery, Phalloplasty, Orchiectomy, name and driving license change plus advice for other gender needs.

My fees are reasonable at no more than USD 50 per session, plus a further fee of USD 100 for the letter of recommendation. I offer highly discounted all inclusive packages (letter and sessions complete). If you require other letters they are ‘Half Price’. For further information my professional fees are listed under ‘FEES’. Which are also mentioned in the initial information hat is sent out following a referral.