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This page provides up to date information on travelling overseas (USA, Thaialnd) for surgery. Covid regulations, restrictions and any quarantine requirement. 


Travel requirements Go to – travel-to-thailand /thailand-travel-restrictions


Thailand has numerous clinics to choose from, many being located in Bangkok. It has provided surgery since at least 1976. They provide three main types of Vaginoplasty the most common.

Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty is a male-to-female gender reassignment technique, where the penile skin is inverted to create a vagina. Compared to the other methods, penile skin inversion is relatively simple and usually takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

As part of the penile inversion technique, skin from the outside of the penis is used for the lining of the neo-vagina. The clitoris is formed from sensitive skin at the tip of the penis. Finally, the scrotal skin is used to construct the labia majora.

Colon Surgery

A more expensive and more recent procedure.

The most common SRS technique is penile inversion Vaginoplasty, this procedure is less invasive and known to produce excellent results for most transitioning patients. In colon graft surgery, a section of the colon is used to create the vaginal lining for a nicely-proportioned, self-lubricating vagina of greater depth than can be achieved with penile inversion Vaginoplasty.

This is a complex surgery, requiring about seven hours to complete. The procedure involves sectioning part of the colon through an incision placed on the lower abdomen. The section of the colon is connected to the perineum with genital skin flaps, with the entire female genital area structured during surgery for a natural look and function. While this surgical technique has the drawback of leaving an abdominal scar and is more complex, requiring a longer surgery, it may be a more appropriate surgery for patients who are in good health.

The Suporn technique – 

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