Gender Transition – Contact

Are you experiencing gender identity issues, If so I am here to help you. For information, Contact or Advice  – Dr. Graham – Gender Therapist for further details. This service is available Worldwide.Are you e

Gender Transition ‘Contact’


I offer online gender therapy, together with support and advice to assist transgender individuals throughout their journey.  I am not here as a ‘gatekeeper’, pass ‘judgment’ or stand in the way of a transition.  I am here and available to provide expert advice, support, encouragement, and all relevant information for those born with ‘Gender Dysphoria’. Also to help them achieve their ultimate goal and ‘true selves’. For further info contact

As I am, at most times, the first gender specialist they may have contacted, my overall aim is to become a trusted advocate and source of information, inspiration, strength, and above all support.  Being English and having previously lived in SE Asia  I am currently based in the UK. I have worked online with Gender clients worldwide over the past 18 years. If  you have an interest or feel you may benefit from my Gender Service, do not hesitate to  contact by email –

Tel: (+44) 01322 34 1266


Dr Graham L Peveller (Gender Specialist) Provides Letters of recommendation for Hormones and Surgery. Sessions are held online in a safe confidential environment. – contact through the above.