Online Gender Therapy

Dr Graham is an ‘Online Therapist’, specializing in ‘Gender Dysphoria’, who has worked as a Transgender health care specialist worldwide for the past 18 years. offering therapy with discounted fees. Helping Transsexuals transition and reach their ‘true inner selves’.




Graham L Peveller Ph.D.(Psychotherapy)

A fully qualified and registered Gender Therapist specializing in Gender Dysphoria and related issues, He provides online therapy sessions, followed by letters of recommendation for Hormones, SRS (Vaginoplasty), Facial surgery, Phalloplasty, Top surgery, Orchiectomy plus other procedures. And, letters for name change, prefix change, court and driving license. The session fees are no more than USD 45-50 (£35-40) per session.

Dr Graham welcomes both female to male – male to female transgender, including Intersex individuals and those dealing with cross-gender dressing, identity, binary, non-binary and other related issues.

'Central objective'

Offers an Online Gender Service with the offer of a ‘FREE’ initial consultation.

The service is a modality used to bring about not only a smooth transition, via hormones and surgery. But also by providing a clear and concise understanding of why Transsexual individuals are born with ‘Gender Dysphoria’ A gender condition which involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify.

Those with gender dysphoria feel uncomfortable with their assigned gender, described as feeling uncomfortable with their body (particularly developments that occur during puberty) or being uncomfortable with expected assigned gender roles.

People with Gender Dysphoria often experience significant stress, depression, and anxiety, linked with problems functioning with a conflict between the way they feel and think of themselves and their physical or assigned gender.

Together with Dr Graham, initially you discuss the direction you wish to take to successfully reach your goal of transitioning to your ‘true self’, That is achieved by gaining a relevant background history. Linked with providing relevant insight and understanding of your life long and persistent Gender Dysphoria.

Following an initial assessment. you are provided support and assistance to reach your ultimate goal, of a partial or full transition. All of which is achieved by providing a user friendly and ‘supportive’ online gender service.

Whether written or spoken, online gender sessions form a valuable core component of communication. Whilst some may think that communication is better achieved through traditional face to face interaction and verbal exchanges. There is little evidence, if any, to back this proposition. The anonymity and lack of subjectivity that is identifiably apparent, surpasses all arguments.

As at most times using online therapy relaxes and assists the individual to open up more easily to feel free and able to express themselves. By far more than they may do so in a face to face situation. Online gender therapy and assessment has also produced positive results, in enabling clients to let go of that long-held inner ‘secret’. Then embracing and coming to terms with what is felt within. Which is a major and tormented part of themselves, that has been repressed over many long years.